Welcome to Mindfully making it

“The most precious inheritance that parents can give their children is their own happiness.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfully making it is a mindfulness and craft platform for parents and their children. Specialising in baby and toddler classes and well-being events for mothers. After struggling with first time motherhood I was inspired to set up a group with a difference. My passion is to help parents connect with themselves and their children whilst getting creative and meeting other parents. My retreats and events for mothers are all about helping mothers find a safe space they can open up, meet other mums and have a sacred space just for them. I love what I do and feel so grateful that my experience of birth trauma and postnatal mental health lead me to starting this business enabling me to help others.


Yours mindfully,

Antonia x

My classes



Babies aged 0-12 months or non walkers

Our original class perfect for new parents/carers and their babies. These classes offer a calm place to connect with other parents and your babies. You will create adorable keep sakes and start to explore the world of sensory development with homemade sensory crafts/toys. Each class starts with a mindfulness exercise and an opportunity to share how your week has been or get any advice you may need. The classes are very relaxed, open and welcoming. Not creative? Do not worry, I am always on hand to help you and have become a hand/foot print pro.



Babies/toddlers aged 1+ or walkers

The follow on class from babies is mindful minis. Similar to babies but adapted to suit those busy little beings that want to move and explore. These sessions will focus more on creating messy play/artwork and mark making. We still start each session with the mindfulness, it may just be adapted on the spot to suit the needs of the toddlers. Though I am not a music/movement group I may add some in if it's required to keep the littles engaged. These sessions are fantastic for fostering a love of creativity in your growing human. Plus it's perfect if you don't want to get messy at home.

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Suitable for all ages

These sessions are a real mixture of babies & minis. Made to create a space were groups of friends with different aged babies can come along or were you can bring the whole family. I adapt the session to suit the ages of the littles who are booked in. When I have older littles I can pitch the mindfulness at them as well as the adults which is always really lovely. These sessions are often in the afternoon which ideal for those who like something to do later in the day. I also run these sessions at weekends for those families who may be unavailable during the week.

The Mindful Mother October Wellbeing Retreat

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I love mindfully making it. The sessions are calm, and feel like a safe space regardless of how you feel. There is space to talk, reflect or just be silent, and being guided through crafts with a baby is so lovely. In a world of overwhelming baby classes full of singing, signing, patronising 'tips' and a pressure to do so much, I wish every new mum could experience mindfully making it.

—  Laura