Welcome to Mindfully making it

“The most precious inheritance that parents can give their children is their own happiness.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfully making it offers mindfulness & craft classes for adults & children. I offer weekly baby & toddler classes with a difference. Teaching simple craft & mindfulness skills to parents and their little ones. We also create lots of cute artwork with our messy and sensory play/crafts. I also offer weekend family specials, Mama mindfulness evening sessions and Papa mindfulness specials. As well as my mama mindfulness day retreats.

Yours mindfully,

Antonia x


About me 

I’m Antonia and this is my daughter Ahyoka and together we are Mindfully making it (though honestly I do most of the work). Ahyoka was the inspiration behind Mindfully making it so she deserves a special mention.  


When I had Ahyoka in August last year. I found becoming a parent a lot harder than I expected, as did my partner. Some days felt like we were barely making it. We started to practise mindfulness as a family and found it really helped to ground us in those difficult moments. 


Now it is part of our daily routine and we plan to continue to adapt our family mindfulness practises as our daughter grows. Mindfulness has helped my family so much and I am really passionate about sharing this with as many other parents as possible. Mixed with my love of crafting and being creative (which in itself can be a great mindfulness exercise) Mindfully making it was born. 


The sessions are made up of a mixture of simple mindfulness exercises to help you feel calmer and more connected to you. Plus a fantastic range of fun crafts for you and your little ones to enjoy together


“I've done a lot of baby classes over the past year and none of them come close to how awesome mindfully making it has been for me and my girl. It's the only group I have felt completely comfortable in and can totally be myself. The craft side of things has been SO much fun and something I wouldn't have gotten around to doing if it wasn't for Mindfully making it. Antonia's classes have opened me up to the joy of mindful parenting and it's nothing but a good thing.” 

—  Hannah