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Mindful parenting workshops


My story and my why


When our first daughter was born in August 2019 our whole world came crashing down. A traumatic labour and delivery and a week in the hospital resulted in two exhausted and traumatised new parents. Traumatic start aside I was completely unprepared for the realities of becoming a mother and caring for an baby. The sleep deprivation was like nothing I had ever experienced and the anxiety and intrusive thoughts made my experience of early motherhood very painful. Some days it barely felt like we would make it through. I was referred to the perinatal mental health team and had support from various mental heath professionals. One day a member of my care team came to visit me and she asked me 'who were you before becoming a mother? What coping mechanisms and tools did you use? This was a light bulb moment, I had practised mindfulness, meditation and yoga for years. I had been to therapy and learnt heaps of coping tools, breathing exercises and ways to calm the nervous system. From that day on we started practising mindfulness as a family, I studied as much as I could and listened to every podcast going. I opened up to friends and family and started to be honest about my experience online. The feedback was incredible, it turned out I wasn't the only one that didn't love my baby as soon as I saw them or to worry that I had made a huge mistake in becoming a mother. I felt so passionate about how much mindful parenting helped me and my partner that I decided to marry my experience and passion with my creative background and in February 2020 Mindfully making it was born. My business has evolved and changed through the various lockdowns and a second baby and I am excited to be started Mindful parenting workshops in June. Find out more and book below.

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