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Mindfully making it

Offering retreats at various beautiful locations across Hampshire. You can choose from a specific Mother's retreat or one of my Women's retreats. Each retreat is unique and special with a varied agenda. I facilitate the day and deliver workshops alongside local facilitators and specialists in their field.

Mindfully making it retreats aim to provide you with some much needed nurturing and are beautiful, calm spaces and relaxing activities aimed at helping YOU reconnect to YOU.


They open and inclusive spaces free from judgement or prejudice. Got a question or want to get involved? Please get in touch.

Specialist Mothers Retreats

'When a baby is born so is a mother'

And mothers need nurturing as much as their children. Sadly in our modern and fast paced society this can be difficult to achieve and even worst, it isn't the societal norm. 


In 2021 I started offering sacred mothers retreats, special spaces to connect with other mothers and to feel heard, seen and held.


Whether you are weeks or years into your parenting journey you will find solace and common ground with other mothers.

What's coming up


Can I bring my baby with me?

The overall day is designed for mothers only, however if you need someone to bring your baby in to feed that is absolutely fine. There are also kitchen facilities if you need to pump and store breastmilk. There will be a secluded cosy corner you can pump in. I will be organising mum and baby/mum and child retreats soon so keep your eyes peeled for them as well.

Does it matter how old my children are? 

Absolutely not, they could be weeks, years or on the way. 

Can I come if I am pregnant? 

Yes of course, there was a couple of pregnant women at the first retreat. If you feel comfortable to please share the fact you are pregnant with me and the practitioners on the day so they can adapt the classes for you.

Do you cater for vegans, allergies or specific diets? 

The food and drinks throughout the day will all be vegetarian and can be adapted to be vegan very easily. If you have any allergies, medical conditions or dietary restrictions there is a section on the booking form to fill this out. You are also welcome to bring your own food/drinks. 

I don't drive, can I still get there? 

Yes I can arrange lift shares and there will be public transport links to most venues. I am a very open and welcoming person so will always do my best to accommodate everyone.

Are tickets refundable

Tickets are not refundable however providing it is a full 7 days before the event starts your ticket can be transferred to another date or used as credit to attend different events. You may also transfer your ticket to someone else. 

Any other questions? Just pop me a message on Facebook, Instagram or email me.

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