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General terms of agreement

Mindfully making it classes are a safe, relaxed and non-judgement space. It is important that everyone who attends a Mindfully making it class agrees to keep everything discussed in class private and to adhere to our ethics of being non-judgemental, kind and understanding with each other. (Please note if a safeguarding concern occurs I will follow local guidelines and procedures in dealing with this and all parties in question will be notified).

I completely understand things come up and you will not always be able to attend if that is the case please do try and let me or someone else know so we are not worried and/or waiting for you. I always try and wait to start the mindfulness until everyone has arrived and is settled, if you haven’t arrived within 10 minutes of your session time we will start.

Lastly, we often use paint and other sensory/messy play items, so it is not advisable to wear your best clothes, I suggest having a couple of sets of ‘painting’ clothes you do not mind getting messy (especially for children attending).

Use of photos/videos

When booking you will be asked if you are happy with photos/videos of you and your child to be used for marketing purposes. This includes but is not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Mindfully making it website. If at any point you change your preference please inform me in writing. Please do not post photographs on social media with anyone else’s child in.


Tickets to Mindfully making it classes, retreats and any other events are not refundable. By participating in our classes you agree that refunds will not be issued due to sickness, holiday leave, ‘Acts Of God’ or ‘Force Majeure’.

However if you have booked a ticket to a special event or retreat and you let me know you cannot come within 14 days of the event starting I will try and resell your ticket and can provide you with a full refund (minus fees) or credit for a future event.

Mindfully making it reserves the right to exclude a Parent and/or Carer and/or Pupil from a class permanently, or for the time they feel necessary, due to behaviour that is not deemed acceptable within a class.


Please follow the government guidelines around Covid19 and childhood illness such as but not limited to D&V, Chickenpox, Hand Foot & Mouth and Conjunctivitis when deciding if you should come to class.


Every effort will be made to ensure the Mindfully making it classes and retreats are safe, clean and secure. Please remember during Mindfully making it sessions you are responsible for the health and safety or you and the children in your care. When bringing a child to class you are agreeing that they will be engaging in physical activities, crafts and messy/sensory play, all of which come with some risk of injury. At Mindfully making it retreats there will be a mixture of activities and workshops that involving movement and therefore carry some risk of injury, all workshop providers will hold their own insurance and will do everything they can to minimise risks and provide a safe environment.

Mindfully making it, December 2022

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