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Mothering the Mother

24th March

9.30am - 4.30pm

As mothers, we often find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities to provide for our families. We've all heard the saying "it takes a village," but in reality, many of us lack the support network we need and seldom have the time for self-care. This day is an opportunity to pause, take a deep breath, and re-establish a connection with ourselves, to be truly heard and seen, and to experience the gift of being cared for, even if it's just for a day. Nestled in an enchanting, secluded setting, enveloped by the beauty of nature, you'll be transported to a different world.

The Venue

Nestled just beyond Bishops Waltham, Damson Hill Cottage is an true hidden treasure. Offering complete privacy, it provides numerous tranquil nooks for relaxation and rejuvenation. You'll discover an exquisite deck concealed amidst the surrounding trees, an enchanting studio and dining area, and a captivating woodland that lies just steps from the venue. Every participant in my previous retreat at Damson Hill was captivated by the charm of this space and none of us wanted to leave.

The Day

Meditation and Mothers Circle

We will start our day with a revitalising guided meditation, a harmonious blend of music, enchanting visualizations, and rejuvenating breathing exercises, all crafted to instil a profound sense of tranquillity and self-connection.


Following this guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences within our supportive group - a moment to be truly seen and embraced. It's a time to lend your heart and ears to others, a beautiful exchange of love and support among the mothers in the room, fostering a profound sense of community and understanding.

These sessions can be truly transformative and something really special to experience. Facilitating these circles is one of my favourite things to facilitate.


Soul Map Mindful Art Workshop

Delivered by Greta from Little Mindful Live, here is a description of the session in her words.


"Soul's Map Creation" is a 90-minute mindfulness art session, designed to help you delve deeper into your truest self, your needs, likes, and desires, while setting aside the labels we've acquired throughout our lives, such as wife, mom, teacher, investor, and more. During this experience, we'll focus on uncovering what truly ignites your soul and brings you daily inspiration.

You'll craft a single piece of artwork that serves as a visual representation of your soul, a powerful reminder that you're not merely a human "doing," but a human "being" with incredible soul, unique gifts, and a profound purpose.

No prior art skills are necessary, as our session prioritizes being present in the moment rather than fixating on the final outcome. This activity is wonderfully accessible, ensuring that you depart feeling empowered, serene, and content with your creation.

Our time together will encompass meditation, intention setting, creative expression, and the option to share, offering you a holistic and enriching experience.


Forest Bathing and Mindful Walk

Step into a world of natural wonder and tranquillity in the Forest Bathing Workshop. We will walk through the beautiful woodland and up a secret path into a stunning opening that looks like Narnia.

Forest bathing, or "Shinrin-Yoku" in Japanese, is a practice that immerses you in the healing energy of the forest. It's a gentle, mindful experience that invites you to awaken your senses, slow down, and form a profound connection with the natural world.

After the session you can head back to Damson Hill to relax outside Betty the Caravan Cafe or join me on a longer walk. Heading past the beautiful Welsh Ponies, past a beauitful old cottage. 


'We cried, we laughed, we napped, we healed' - Natalie, Autumn Mothers Retreat


Sound Bath

Our day will culminate with a serene sound bath led by Lucy from Sound and Energy. I've had the privilege of collaborating with Lucy on numerous occasions, encompassing both sound healing and reiki. Each time, I've been transported into a deeply restorative and healing slumber, and I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity for you to immerse yourself in her soothing and revitalizing presence.​

20230910_120740 (1).jpg

Forest Bathing and Mindful Walk

Think unlimited organic herbal tea, fruit, energising snacks, homemade bread, fresh soup and salad. Homemade vegan cakes and even things tailored specifically to your needs. Dietary requirements and allergies will be accommodated for. 


This is food that’s good for the body and the soul. Sat around a beautiful table eating and socialising.

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